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The Clear Benefits of Buying an Electric Car in 2021

Buying an electric car used to be an expensive, inconvenient decision. But today there are significant benefits to owning an EV over a traditional petrol or diesel car—and they extend far beyond the argument for a more sustainable future.  Here … Read More

cash incentives available to electric car buyers

All Cash Incentives for EU Electric Car Buyers

Across the different EU states there is a wide variety of tax and cash incentives available to electric car buyers. Since EVs remain quite expensive, the idea is to encourage EV purchases to help each nation meet its crucial sustainability … Read More

EV battery charging time

How Long Does it Take to Charge an Electric Vehicle?

To jump to some real-world charging times, see the table below!  The first thing to understand is that (electric vehicle) EV battery charging time depend on 4 main factors:  Battery Capacity – What’s the maximum amount of energy the battery … Read More

Carge EV charging ecosystem

How well do you know the EV charging ecosystem?

Every single electric vehicle driver who wants to learn more about the e-Mobility can easily seek info into the EV charging ecosystem. Apart from the Electricity Provider and the Charge Point Operator, there are also businesses that are evolved to … Read More