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What is an EMP or MSP?

e-Mobility Service Providers: Mobility Partners that enable access to a variety of charging points around an area and help EV drivers find stations, start charging sessions, and pay with many different methods.

What is a CPO?

Charge Point Operators: Mobility Partners that manage the charging infrastructure in terms of installation, operation, and service thereof. They are sometimes called CSO (Charging Station Operators) too.

What's the difference between AC and DC?

AC (alternating current) is the normal current that comes out of a socket in your home. The reason why it’s called alternating current has to do with the fact that unlike DC (direct current), alternating current periodically changes the direction it flows in. Electric vehicles can “fill up” on alternating current, but the batteries they run on operate with direct current. This means that alternating current has to be converted into direct current -using a voltage converter- before it can be used by the vehicle. This is either done at the charging station itself (DC charging station) or in the vehicle (e.g. when a socket at home is used). AC charging generally takes longer than DC charging due to limited conversion in the vehicle.

How long does it take to charge?

Depending on the size of the vehicle’s battery as well as the speed of the charging point, it might take 30-180 minutes to charge your car. See more here.

What's the purpose of the RFID/NFC cards?

RFID or NFC cards are typically used by CPOs for contactless transactions and access control to the charging infrastructure. Each operator requires users to have this type of card in order to start/stop charging their electric vehicles.

Why should I use Carge?

- Convenience
Drivers can register once, enjoy a seamless charging experience and profit from international billing, that gather all costs and chargers in one single application.

- Sustainability
Users can opt to charge at half-speed, or on full capacity in another time frame. Our intelligent algorithms use the remaining power capacity for grid balancing.

- Peace of mind
We deliver peace of mind with round-the-clock support from a world-class team of EV experts, that will minimize impact on drivers, and resolve any technical or operational issue while on the go.

How Carge works?

Carge unifies hundreds of charging point networks across Europe and gives seamless access to EV drivers. Once you download the app and register in just 30 seconds, you will be able to start charging anywhere and pay-on-the-go without adding money upfront. That simple.

What is the cost of the charging session?

If you want to enjoy a seamless experience and charge your EV effortlessly throughout Europe, there's a . We then collect the money and send it directly to each CPO accordingly. The only requirement to get access to all charging point networks is the one-off registration. No hidden costs – no upfront payments.

In case you choose to book a station in advance, we charge a fixed amount of 0,99 EUR. Lastly, if you switch to parking mode after a full charging session, we apply an extra payment, which varies from place to place.