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Advance Booking

Time is of the essence. Reserve a spot proactively and never wait in line again. This feature is highly recommended for longer trips.

Smooth Navigation

After selecting your charging point, let Carge show you the fastest directions, by saving energy and keeping your battery life healthy.

Frictionless Payment

Get rid of all those RFID cards and tags. Select a payment method once and do your transactions securely through the Carge wallet, while on the go.

Real-Time Statistics

Analyze real-time data about the estimated duration, range increase, and cost of your EV’s charging sessions. Track all the analytics for further comparison.

Intelligent Charging

Optimize your EV's energy consumption spikes. Profit from the cheapest electricity rates nearby, especially when the energy sources are carbon neutral. Create smart charging schedules. Select when your vehicle needs to be fully charged or you could opt to charge at half-speed in another timeframe with lower electricity rates. The unused power capacity can meanwhile be used for grid balancing in order to avoid rising peak loads.

Grid balancing

EVs are often plugged in for a longer time than they actually need to take power. Therefore, electricity prices would rise. Through Carge app, users can opt to charge at 50% speed, or at full capacity in another time frame. Our intelligent algorithms will use the remaining power capacity for grid balancing.

Precise prediction

Smart energy usage has become a global trend. To ensure that the power grid provides reliable power, having immediate modulation and even more precise prediction is necessary. That said, we have developed intelligent algorithms that can forecast and apply the appropriate pricing for drivers to charge their vehicle's battery at a lower cost during specific periods.

Parking Switch

Electric cars have the ability to give you remote access so as to make your life easier. How many times did you stop what you're doing to pick up immediately your EV when fully charged? How lovely would be to enjoy your meal, drink, shopping (you name it), and leave the vehicle at the same spot without looking at a clock? Carge app has cooperated with some private parking areas that you can leave your vehicle on the spot for a bit longer than the typical charging timeframe. Remote control and operational processes are on us! You can relax and keep doing anything else.

Instant notifications

Get notified once your battery is fully charged. Unlock the car remotely and allow the experienced staff of the parking space to unplug your vehicle so that the charging point will be available for someone else.

Longer stay

Once your vehicle is charged and unplugged, you can select how much time it will remain on the spot. Later on, you will pay an extra small fee while you leave the place. This amount varies depending on the parking owner.

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carge app connection with car brands

Direct connection with 13 car brands

[Coming Soon] You can easily link your vehicle with Carge app and grant access to telematics modules that will improve your charging experience and collect valuable data for your reference. By enabling this setting, you will monitor charging progress, read the capacity and state of charge (SOC) from your electric vehicle's battery - right from one app. Compliant with the OAuth2 authorization protocol. Encrypted with bank-grade SSL/TLS 1.2.

Lock/Unlock vehicle

Battery monitoring

Location sharing

Accurate odometer

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